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How do I reserve or book a cabin, Villa or RV site?

Call (830) 964-2531 to speak with a Summit Vacation Reservation Specialist or Click Here to book online.

What are The Summit hours of operation?

We are open 7 days a week from 9am to 5 pm.

Do you have after hours check ins?

If you will be arriving after 5 pm, please drive up to the Security “shack” which is to the left of the front administrating office to receive your check in packet. In the event our security is patrolling the facility when you arrive after hours, someone will be there shortly. We request if you are going to check in after hours, please stop by the front office in the morning to officially check in.

Do you offer tubing service at the Resort?

Our Tubing Shuttle transports the floater to the Shanty (the end of the horseshoe) or the 4th Crossing after which the floater will then float back to the Summit’s dock near your cabin/RV site; no more waiting long periods of time for a bus to pick you up.

Can you bring outside guest to the Resort?

Outside guest are not allowed on the premises. 

How much do you charge for extra vehicles?

There is no extra charge for extra vehicles. There is no charge for additional vehicles however, if over two vehicles, overflow parking areas may be suggested.

Can you use a BBQ grill/pit at the Tree Top Villa?

No BBQ pits/Grills are allowed at the Tree Top Villas decks due to fire hazard.

Are Pets allowed in the Villas?

No pets allowed in the Villas.

Are pets allowed in the cabins?

No pets are allowed in the cabins.

Are pets allow at my RV site?

Two pets are allowed in an RV site of a non-vicious breed.

What is Check-In time?

Check in time for cabins, RV Sites and Villas is 3:30 pm.

What is Check out time?

Check out time for cabins, RV Sites and Villas is 11am.

Do you offer free Wi-Fi?

The Summit offers free Wi-Fi throughout the park.

Do you have housekeeping services daily?

Housekeeping is not provided daily. You will only receive one round of towels. Laundromat is provided on the premises for your convenience.  Villas are equipped with a washer and dryer.

Can you fish at the resort?

Yes, you may fish from the resort as we have full access to the Guadalupe River

Do I need a fishing license for fishing?

Yes, you do need a Texas fishing license.

What time do the amenities close?

Amenities open at 8:00 am and close at 10:00 pm.

Do you offer tent camping?

The Summit does not offer tent camping.

Can I make a reservation online?

Yes. Click Here to book online.


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